Using your homepage as a source of traffic is a crutch. Make things that are great enough to attract attention on their own right. Exclude homepage traffic in success metrics.

"Creatives have an inherent affection for every process involved in realizing their creative vision. No one that likes to design for the web hates code; they hate the pain associated with not knowing how to code."
— (via fieldstudy)
"Increasingly, companies will become experts at designing user habits. Curated Web companies already rely on these methods. This new breed of company, defined by the ability to help users find only the content they care about, […]. These companies have habit formation embedded in their DNA. This is because data collection is at the heart of any Curated Web business and to succeed, they must predict what users will think is most personally relevant. Curated Web companies can only improve if users tell their systems what they want to see more of. If users use the service sparingly, it is less valuable than if they use it habitually. The more the user engages with a Curated Web company, the more data the company has to tailor and improve the user’s experience. This self-improving feedback loop has the potential to be more useful – and more addictive — than anything we’ve seen before."