"The Dirty is a something like an espresso and milk sandwich — a shot of hot espresso floats between two layers of chilled milk that’s topped with another shot of espresso. The drink is creamy and cool, and despite consisting of only two ingredients — just milk and coffee — it has the rich taste of melted ice cream sprinkled with bittersweet cocoa."

On Monday Night, a Shot of Tokyo Espresso

i need to get to bear pond espresso to try a dirty. only katsuyuki tanaka makes the dirty, so you have to go to japan or he can sometimes be found at Joe Pro Shop.

"The biggest thing for us is we wanna work with what we have. That’s sort of the philosophy of what we do here is, trying to find that great idea that is staring us right in front of the face. If we have all the gadgets and toys in the world, we’re going to be searching—not for the wrong stuff, but for us it’d be fool’s gold."

A Glimpse Inside Momofuku’s Secret Culinary Lab

A reminder to not let (new) tools get in the way of solving a problem.

"a pulled-pork sandwich on a pork-fat dough-nut"
Grilled Cheese Doughnut at Tom + Chee in Cincinnati
"I think of St. John as not having those gastronomic crutches, like music, brass rails, marble and low voltage lighting, all these things that reassure the public that they are going out and having a good time. My belief is that happy diners are all the decoration you need, and an enthusiastic consumption of food and wine will make all the music you require."

Fergus Henderson Talks Restaurant Design | Food Republic

Reminder to not fall back on crutches, whether design or other.